Monthly Round-Up: Top 5 Most Read Blog Posts – September 2016

Monthly Round-Up: Top 5 Most Read Blog Posts – September 2016

It’s the start of a new month, and time for us to recap on our most read blog posts from September. Read on for tips and advice from how to perfect your lead targeting and email marketing campaigns, to insights for reaching Home Movers at optimum moments of purchase intent. Happy reading!

1) Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid when Targeting Leads

2) How to Make the Most of your Email Marketing [Infographic]

3) When Is The Best Time To Target Home Movers? [Infographic]

4) Trigger and Predictive Marketing: How we Helped ATS Euromaster Achieve Open Rates of 40%

5) New Starters – Graduate Edition: Will and George

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TwentyCi: Data Leaders For Precision Home Mover Marketing

TwentyCi: Data Leaders For Precision Home Mover Marketing

The news that eBay has woken up to the value of Home Movers with the launch of their Home Mover “Advanced Targeting” scheme should come as no surprise given their 19 million monthly users. However the fundamental flaw in the eBay offering is that the targeting is based on behavioural “observed insights” rather than actual data. Accuracy will be significantly impaired leading to substantial wastage in media spend.

In comparison, TwentyCi provide the most accurate and comprehensive Lifestage Trigger data, all based on factual events rather than assumptions. With a genuinely unique combination of data assets providing coverage for over 99.7% of the UK for sale and rental market; whether prior, during or after a move, TwentyCi enable relevant brands to engage with the Home Mover with absolute precision, consistently achieving ROI’s in excess of £16:1.

RICS Data And Technology Event: Challenges, Opportunities And Adding Value To The Property Sector

RICS Data And Technology Event: Challenges, Opportunities And Adding Value To The Property Sector

Following our previous post, RICS Event and the Brexit effect, part two features the video interviews showcasing expert opinion from a selection of attendees from various areas of the PropTech sector.

The first discussion topic addressed the opportunities and challenges that data and technology offer the property sector. Attendees gave their thoughts on what they believed were going to be the biggest opportunities going forward. Watch out for TwentyCi’s Sohail Rashid revealing what he feels will be the property sector’s biggest future gamechanger.

The second topic focussed on technology within the sector currently, and where this is likely to take us in future. Consensus from many was the belief that the property sector is lagging behind in its adoption of technology, but is gradually becoming more aligned as the category begins to embrace the advantages technology can bring. We believe that in particular, business intelligence data is likely to have a huge impact on the future of the sector. This type of customer data has the potential to influence all stages of the moving process, enabling a more streamlined process for home movers and greater efficiency.

To find out more about the RICS and the event itself, please click here and here.

MoverAlerts For Remover And Storage Lead Generation

MoverAlerts For Remover And Storage Lead Generation

It’s been a couple of months now since we launched, our revolutionary online portal providing B2C lead generation to the removals and storage sector.

If you’re looking to tap into a captive market of relevant leads or to find a solution to better segment potential customers, can help. We also work with our clients to produce tailored marketing campaigns on your behalf.

But don’t just take our word for it! Since launching in July, we’ve received some great feedback about the portal. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“Very straightforward to use – you get the email to say it’s ready, login, open it up and convert it to a word document using a mail merge and then it’s out the door. Very effective and straightforward and works for us!
– Darren Bosher, MD, Steve Frieze Removals

Really easy and so simple to login after receiving the email to download your weekly data. The site looks and feels very fresh.
– Jamie Wells, MD, Better Removals

“We continue to have a very high level of satisfaction with the leads supplied to us. We started to use the MoverAlerts service in September 2013 and three years later it still exceeds our expectations, providing a high service at such a reasonable cost. May the relationship continue for many more years.”
Graham Ham, Office Manager, Manns Removals and Storage
MoverAlerts: What are they and how do they work?

Specialists in producing and delivering home mover engagement triggers, TwentyCi provide home mover contact data – or MoverAlerts – for any property listed for sale, under offer, or recently sold in the UK. TwentyCi data is drawn from a database of over 1.2 million postal records accounting for 99.6%* of home movers across the UK.

To see all the benefits for yourself, visit now, call 01908 829300or email one of the team.

Trigger And Predictive Marketing: How We Helped ATS Euromaster Achieve Open Rates Of 40%

Trigger And Predictive Marketing: How We Helped ATS Euromaster Achieve Open Rates Of 40%

ATS Euromaster has over 340 centres providing replacement tyres, brakes, and vehicle maintenance services across the UK.

As a key provider of parts and service to truck, car and van fleets across Europe, and with more than 2,800 mobile services vehicles on the road, ATS Euromaster’s list of credentials and experience in the marketplace is impressive.

The Challenge

The business knew that they needed to further explore relationship opportunities with the many customers who visited their centres. They recognised they held a rich source of customer information, representing potential sales opportunities that were not being maximised.

Unsure of how best to approach the challenge, ATS Euromaster commissioned TwentyCi, to create a value added solution, utilising our life stage intelligence.

The Trigger and Predictive Marketing Solution

Using TwentyCi’s contextual customer data analysis, ATS Euromaster was able to generate unique insights for the customers who visited their centres.

On visiting an ATS Euromaster Centre, a vehicle “Mastercheck” captures the condition and life-stage of a number of the customer’s car components.

Using a predictive model developed by TwentyCi, ATS Euromaster was able to add value to its existing “Mastercheck” product by anticipating customer requirements based on a range of key factors including: –

  • Vehicle make, model & age
  • Annual mileage & driving style

The attributes gathered during each vehicle “Mastercheck” were then used to power a marketing programme to highlight the exact customer requirements, i.e. tyre replacement, brake pad renewal or general car maintenance. This advice and the corresponding alerts were delivered by email and direct mail, based on individual customer preferences. Further rules were built to ensure customers did not receive ‘over-marketing’, preventing the risk of turning the customer off from ATS Euromaster and its messages.

This end-to-end solution had a very positive effect for ATS Euromaster, positioning its centres as a leading source of insight and in turn, bringing greater sales opportunity.

The Results

Each customer was well-informed about the level of knowledge and subsequently more personalised service they received from ATS Euromaster. This led to stronger brand loyalty for ATS Euromaster, and ultimately a much improved customer experience.

We have continued this work with ATS Euromaster. The email programme consistently delivers open rates of up to 40%, compared to the average benchmark of 25%. Overall, the whole Mastercheck marketing programme delivers exceptional levels of incremental revenue and repeat business.

Contact us today to find out about how TwentyCi can help your business. Call us on 01908 829300 or email