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How we can help you to aquire high value customers through a media efficient approach


Reach and acquire high value consumers

Buying behaviour, or buyhaviour, must be understood in order to reach consumers when they are in the market to buy.

Being able to identify when and why changes in buying behaviour occur, enables brands to be better equipped to deliver relevant, tailored messaging to their audiences; and in doing so, maximise buying opportunities.

We have the data assets to help you reach and engage your audience through our sector specific data solutions covering retail, financial services, utilities, automotive and property.

Take the occurrence of a home move; it’s an event that causes consumers to change their buying habits and often spend significantly more money on home related products and services. Our homemover data is factual – not modelled or sentiment based – and consists of fully GDPR compliant acquisition audiences.

Our interactive tool, This Is Now allows retailers in the home category to search nationally and locally by store location to understand the number and value of home buyers with a high propensity to buy their products, now.


Media Efficiency

Engage for optimum marketing performance

As part of our buyhaviour approach, we produce marketing acquisition and retention programmes, created by our expert team to support your unique business requirements.

Building on our buyhaviour data assets, our marketing capabilities focus on making your media spend more efficient by adding customer intelligence. We achieve this by developing marketing programmes based on a propensity to purchase model to reach consumer audiences most likely to shop with you, at the very moment they are most likely to buy.

We provide omni-channel support to our clients directly as well as through our extensive media partnerships. Our channel expertise includes email, direct mail, social, digital display and TV.

Applying the same approach, our marketing management service also provides consultancy, strategy, CRM, media planning, reporting & analysis.

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Media Efficiency

Property Insight

Search numerous property attributes to refine your market

Our property insight is vast and incorporates numerous data points.

Our property characteristic data includes everything from location, environment and demographic factors to characteristics about what the property itself looks like.

We hold transactional property data providing information on the status of a property. This includes details for the property being listed, sold or withdrawn and when this transaction occurred.

We also provide property value data through our automated valuation model.

Property Insight
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