We have worked with Admessenger, a fully customisable mobile advertising solution provider to deliver sales uplift strategy for a well-known UK bed retailer.

The challenge

As cookie data becomes more scarce advertisers are turning to contextual targeting to target the right audiences. For our client reaching their audience of homeowners at the right time is key, as a large proportion of bed purchases is made by people who are about to move or have recently moved. The challenge was to identify the households in the moving journey and communicate with them effectively at the right time.

The geo-targeting strategy

Our partnership with Admessenger unlocked the retailer’s audience through the context of localisation. As holders of the most comprehensive and largest homemover database in the UK, we know when someone is about to move or has just moved into their new home. This enables us to accurately serve powerful, flexible mobile advertising to the most relevant households.

To test the efficacy of Admessenger the campaign was designed with controlled and exposed audiences that were demographically matched. The control group received direct mail communication only, whilst the exposed group received mobile adverts in the week before receiving the same direct mail.

The results

After analysing their sales data, the client saw a 50% sales uplift from the areas where direct mail was combined with mobile adverts compared to the areas where only the direct mail campaign was delivered. Mobile advertising had a significant multiplier effect when combined with direct mail.

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