DOMUS Property Database

Access to over 350 property attributes of all UK residential properties

DOMUS is the most comprehensive property attributes database which covers over 31 million residential properties in the UK. It offers exhaustive property information, providing the ‘DNA’ of a dwelling with attributes and characteristics specific to each individual property. DOMUS collects over 350 attributes about each property; these are updated on a daily basis from over 4,500 different data sources, which are both structured and unstructured. Property attributes fall into four main categories – location, property, environment and demographic factors – and range from square footage to risk factors.

DOMUS covers every single UK residential property including the EPC performance data, as well as some commercial entities, such as shops, leisure establishments and holiday lets.


Make risk-free decisions with DOMUS

DOMUS can be provided in full or in part through several methodologies, including a single supply for a one-off project, as a regular feed, or via an API or other automated look-up.

Our property information database provides useful insights for a wide variety of sectors and categories including mortgage brokerage, banking, and financial asset management. Some applications include:

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Enhancing Decision Making

Our property attribute data can enhance the decision making process for businesses in lending, insurance, retailers selling furnishing services, utilities, property development and more. By using DOMUS, you can make better informed, quicker decisions which are more cost effective and efficient. 

Risk Identification

Our data can be used by a variety of risk areas such as finance, portfolio, environmental, searches risk, building risks and voids. This will lead to faster, improved decision making when it comes to risk. 


Our property database can be used for modelling, including models for profiling, propensity, transition management and void management. Our DOMUS attributes are available separately or aggregated, as a one off or being refreshed regularly to build models. Our authoritative and extensive property attribute data supports enhanced modelling capability, accuracy and coverage. 

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