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If there is one thing that all new home builders have in common, then it’s the market; they are all competing with the secondary market. Recent government data revealed that the value of existing homes in Britain grew by 6% in the last year while at the same time, the value of new-build homes increased by 23%, meaning new-builds outperformed older properties by 17%. New developments are chain-free, require no initial repair costs, and are constructed with maximum energy efficiency, which makes buying more affordable. 

How to market a property development? 

Reach homemovers at key times with TwentyCi!

TwentyCi holds the most accurate, comprehensive, and compliant source of home mover information in the UK. We know who plans to move or will move with an accuracy of up to two months ahead. 

With a residential property universe of 32 million UK addresses, we process and append inputs from over 450 core data sources to create a high-value homemovers and property attributes database. Our database is updated daily, providing near real-time insight into those properties coming to market.  

Combine marketing channels to get more exposure to the right buyers at the right time!

Unlike property portals, we combine the breadth of our property data coverage and analytics with a powerful suite of marketing tools. All marketing channels are backed with a strategy which means we will help you pinpoint the best time you should be talking to homemovers and target them with the right message at the right time in their home-moving journey process. 

Reach people at these key times:

  • When their property comes to market
  • When their property isn’t selling
  • When they have had to reduce the price
  • When their sale falls through
  • When they are SSTC
  • When they have withdrawn

Resources For Property Developers

We provide much more value to housebuilders than any property portal

Some of the largest UK housebuilder brands rely on us for marketing services across multiple channels, including direct mail, email, mobile display advertising, and more. Explore how we can help housebuilders reach more buyers. Download our guide.

2023 New Build Insights

Download the 2023 new build property market snapshot.

TwentyCi Property & Homemover Report – End of Year 2023 Summary

Download the latest edition of the TwentyCi Property & Homemover Report, providing a comprehensive review of the UK property market, created from the most robust residential research and property change sources available.

Building Brand Awareness For A Leading Housebuilder

Project Summary One of the UK’s leading residential property developers constructs approximately 4,000 new homes per year across 140 developments.

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