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Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Accurate property valuations to reduce costs and risk for businesses

Reduce risk & costs

Our fast automated valuations provide accurate estimates for businesses

Regularly updated

Monthly data updates ensure our AVM gives current and accurate results

Broad range of uses

AVM valuations contribute to risk assessments, strategic planning, audience segmenting & more

Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

The TwentyCi automated valuation model (AVM) gives a current market value for every residential property in the United Kingdom. Our AVM gives fast and accurate property valuation estimates, saving businesses time and money. Thanks to our extensive property database, we can analyse properties with similar attributes to make reliable automated valuations.

Our automated valuation model is constantly monitored and we update and recalibrate it on a monthly basis to ensure the most accurate results. Every month we:

  • Obtain data on every single property sale price and every single advertised property price. This is updated every time each property is sold or advertised
  • Measure against UK HPI from HM Land Registry and against individual legal transfers
  • Adjust for inflation with 70% of values determined by indices and 30% determined by comparable variables

AVM Valuations

TwentyCi’s AVM valuations are used by a wide variety of businesses, including estate agents, mortgage providers, insurers, surveyors and more. Some examples of ways in which our property valuation estimates can be used include:

  • Risk: our AVM valuations can help validate valuations for lenders, analyse capital adequacy and calculate liability for insurers.
  • Strategic planning: valuations can help with selecting appropriate neighbourhoods and locations for a new branch or store
  • Audiences: estimated property valuations can help segment audiences for your brand – for example, those with properties worth more than £1M

Why Choose TwentyCi’s AVM?

TwentyCi’s AVM is an excellent tool to reduce risk and costs for businesses. We’re trusted industry leaders and data experts with an exceptionally broad set of data assets. Our data includes ~100% of transferred and advertised residential properties in the UK, as well as over 350 property attributes on each residential property in the UK.

Our automated valuation model is highly accurate compared to competitors and it’s regularly updated for the latest data. What’s more, our AVM database has been engineered to be open and accepting of new sources. Should you wish to resell the data, that option is also available, making it a commercial asset. Access to our AVM data can be provided in several ways, including: a single supply for a one off project, as a regular feed, or via an API or other automated look-up.

If you would like to find out more about our automated valuation model and property valuations service, contact our helpful experts today.

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