Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing channels powered by homemover data and strategy for efficient targeting.

We overlap our TwentyCi data with marketing services that span across digital and traditional channels helping you target the right consumer and reach them through the right option.

All marketing channels are backed with a strategy which means we will help you pinpoint the best time you should be talking to homemovers and target them with the right message at the right time in their home-moving journey process. We also carry out controlled tests to allow you to see how effective your campaigns have been.

The marketing channels we offer:

Direct Mail Marketing

Take the time and hassle out of designing and despatching your direct mail campaigns with our direct mail fulfilment services. Beating the average cost for a direct mailer, we offer postcards, letters and brochures that are professionally designed, produced and immediately despatched to homemovers in your area.

Email Marketing

With our email marketing service, we will run fully trackable campaigns for you, in your branding and chosen design. We will help you segment your audience and set tailored messaging for each one, once the email has gone out, we will issue your results within 7 days.

Digital Mobile Display Advertising

We have partnered with Ad Messenger to bring you effective mobile display advertising. Powering your campaign with TwentyCi data means you can see an uplift in engagement over traditional display ad performance. With the use of a scrolling banner, the adverts will appear more clearly and naturally on the trusted directory of websites.

Social Media Advertising

Our capability also extends to enabling social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Programmatic Digital Display Advertising

The availability of our data for display advertising provides another opportunity for effective engagement.

Digital Television

If you wish to make your television advertising work harder, we also partner with Sky through their AdSmart platform to enable precision targeting.

Why Market To Homemovers?

Homemovers spend £29 billion annually on furniture, utilities and other home improvement items and services. They are much more likely to buy retail goods and services than those not moving.

Knowing when households are relocating and at which phase can result in significant revenue growth. Our database of property and homemover information covers 99% of all residential property moves, providing brands with complete access to this valuable audience.

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Take a Look at How We Achieved a 50% of Sales Uplift For One of Our Clients

Combining TwentyCi data and the use of digital mobile display advertising, we accomplished a 50% sales uplift for a nationwide bed and mattress retailer, find out how here.


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