Fresh approach to generating local leads for KBB and home improvement retailers.

Subscribe to the largest residential property database in the UK and reach homemovers, home improvers, owners, renters, and Landlords with smart, cost-effective marketing.

Tap into the high-value customer base in your area – homemovers. Those about to move or who have just moved search for KBB retailers for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Majority of them are not aware of your business. Time to show up!

Overall, there will be over one million people moving houses in 2024 in the UK. An ample opportunity for KBB marketing and lead generation.


Homemovers spend £29 billion annually on furniture and home improvement, making them more likely to buy retail goods and services before and after moving.

Understanding households’ relocation phases can boost revenue. 

This is where BuyerAlerts can help!



Find your Buyers.

Discover home addresses in the UK’s largest property database. Unlike other companies, we cover 99.6% of all UK’s property listings. This is over 31.6 million addresses in one App!


Create your Prospects Lists

Filter by location, avg. order value and more. Subscribe to filtered lists or filter them manually. Your data refreshes when you want it; daily, weekly or monthly.


Let us do your Marketing.

Send direct mail campaigns using your own letters and postcards, or chose from beautifully pre-designed templates. Your data refreshes when you want it.


You are in control.

Understand the performance of your campaigns and Return on Investment. Edit, pause or cancel your subscription if you are not seeing the results.

GUIDE: 10 Savvy Direct Mail Hacks for KBB Retailers

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Benefit from the revenue opportunity we offer to the largest UK retail brands and enjoy a steady Return on Investment from our marketing efforts, similar to other industries we partner with.

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*We generate a steady ROI for other SME brands, such as removal companies. 

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We know the UK property market

Our data processes are at least 3 years ahead of our nearest competitors. We have been analysing the market for over 15 years.

Zero blunders

We own the most accurate and granular property and homemover database available to date. We are the only provider covering 99.6% of all UK residential market listings.

We are known

We work with the Government and many media sources which regularly use our data.

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