Building brand awareness for a leading house builder

Project Summary

One of the UK’s leading residential property developers constructs approximately 4,000 new homes per year across 140 developments. The challenge was to build their brand awareness amongst potential buyers on a national level with the aim of driving footfall to both their website and developments.


As life stage trigger experts, TwentyCi applied their unique understanding of the home mover life stages to map all of their developments and identify potential home movers within a ten-mile radius. Property insights and data were then selected from TwentyCi’s exclusive Homemover Prospect Data – the largest and most comprehensive pre and post home mover data set available in the UK.

TwentyCi’s extensive experience in email marketing also enabled the development of a comprehensive email strategy for maximum response. Exceptionally targeted with a high propensity to convert, TwentyCi connected the client with both potential First Time Buyers and individuals who had recently expressed an interest in selling their current home. In addition, TwentyCi provided the opportunity to enhance the targeting approach through overlaying the seller’s current home property price and matching it to similar properties sold at their developments.


The overall approach produced a streamlined and targeted marketing campaign, enabling the client to effectively promote their brand to potential movers, whilst ensuring that they were only communicating with those individuals most likely to engage.
The location mapping and email campaign were exceptionally successful and delivered:

  • Increased brand awareness and prospect engagement
  • Email open rates of over 17% and an additional 19% of those individuals clicking through to the client’s website
  • Website traffic in excess of 17,000 users
  • Exceptional return on investment with cost per open of just £0.14p and cost per click of £0.67