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Multi-Channel Marketing

Data backed multi-channel marketing campaigns with precise consumer targeting

Data backed

Our homemover data assets help us target the right customers at the right time

Multi-channel expertise

We have strong expertise creating campaigns across a variety of traditional & digital channels

Precise targeting

Our consumer intelligence & modelling allows us to offer precise audience targeting

Multi-Channel Marketing Powered by Data

Here at TwentyCi, we provide a unique, data-driven multi-channel marketing service to target appropriate consumers at precisely the right time. We utilise our buying behaviour (buyhaviour) and homemover data assets to focus your media and marketing spend. With data from over 4,500 providers delivering over 29 billion data points per annum, we offer unparalleled retail industry insight. Our UK consumer data is entirely factual (not modeled or sentiment based), current and GDPR compliant, providing a reliable solution to hone your marketing strategy across all channels.

Marketing Channels

Our multi-channel marketing combines both traditional and digital marketing channels to ensure the best outcome for your campaigns. We can also draw on our extensive media partnerships to boost your reach even further. As specialists in acquisition marketing, we make use of a variety of channels to target the most appropriate audience at the right time. Some of the methods and channels we use include:

  • Direct mail: deliver your advertising right to your potential customers’ doorstep
  • Email marketing: send tailored emails to your prospective customers with targeted products and deals
  • TV: adverts which showcase your brand and products to a large audience
  • Digital display: create dynamic, eye-catching adverts for outside of the home
  • Mobile marketing: combine property, homemover & geographical data to efficiently target prospective customers via ads to mobile devices
  • Social media: utilise social data to target likely customers & audiences across several social media platforms

Efficient Consumer Targeting

Our rich consumer intelligence allows us to develop a tailored marketing strategy based on a propensity to purchase model. This lets us reach the consumer audiences who are most likely to shop with you, at the very moment they are most likely to buy. By capitalising on our data insights, we can make your media spend much more efficient whilst boosting brand awareness and sales at the same time. Our fine-tuned consumer targeting works across all marketing channels and is key to our marketing campaign successes.

Our intelligent campaigns are designed to drive growth for businesses, using a data-driven multi-channel approach. Contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can help your business thrive.

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