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ATS Euromaster has over 340 centres providing replacement tyres, brakes, and vehicle maintenance services across the UK.

As a key provider of parts and service to truck, car and van fleets across Europe, and with more than 2,800 mobile services vehicles on the road, ATS Euromaster’s list of credentials and experience in the marketplace is impressive.

The Challenge

The business knew that they needed to further explore relationship opportunities with the many customers who visited their centres. They recognised they held a rich source of customer information, representing potential sales opportunities that were not being maximised.

Unsure of how best to approach the challenge, ATS Euromaster commissioned TwentyCi, to create a value added solution, utilising our life stage intelligence.

The Trigger and Predictive Marketing Solution

Using TwentyCi’s contextual customer data analysis, ATS Euromaster was able to generate unique insights for the customers who visited their centres.

On visiting an ATS Euromaster Centre, a vehicle “Mastercheck” captures the condition and life-stage of a number of the customer’s car components.

Using a predictive model developed by TwentyCi, ATS Euromaster was able to add value to its existing “Mastercheck” product by anticipating customer requirements based on a range of key factors including: –

  • Vehicle make, model & age
  • Annual mileage & driving style

The attributes gathered during each vehicle “Mastercheck” were then used to power a marketing programme to highlight the exact customer requirements, i.e. tyre replacement, brake pad renewal or general car maintenance. This advice and the corresponding alerts were delivered by email and direct mail, based on individual customer preferences. Further rules were built to ensure customers did not receive ‘over-marketing’, preventing the risk of turning the customer off from ATS Euromaster and its messages.

This end-to-end solution had a very positive effect for ATS Euromaster, positioning its centres as a leading source of insight and in turn, bringing greater sales opportunity.

The Results

Each customer was well-informed about the level of knowledge and subsequently more personalised service they received from ATS Euromaster. This led to stronger brand loyalty for ATS Euromaster, and ultimately a much improved customer experience.

We have continued this work with ATS Euromaster. The email programme consistently delivers open rates of up to 40%, compared to the average benchmark of 25%. Overall, the whole Mastercheck marketing programme delivers exceptional levels of incremental revenue and repeat business.

If you would like to find out how we can help your business achieve results like this, get in touch below.

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