Property & Homemover report

The most comprehensive property insights and industry specific intelligence on homemovers and the UK housing marketplace.

TwentyCi Property & Homemover Report – Q3 2019

Published quarterly, TwentyCi’s Property & Homemover Report is a comprehensive review of the UK property market, created from the  most robust property change sources available.

It provides a real time review of the UK market, covering 99.6% of all property moves (both sales and rentals).

New inclusion for this quarter: Energy Engagement, featuring data and insights to help energy providers accurately target the captive high-value homemover audience. 

This ‘state of the nation’ report provides unique insight into the people behind the numbers, creating a picture of the demographic, regional and socio-economic factors impacting the housing market including:

  • Factual data (not modelled or sentiment-based)
  • Full market coverage
  • Demographic overlay
  • Property sales data
  • Property rental data

Headlines Q3 2019

  • Exchange volume holding up and growing 2.2% year on year, but a small 1.7% decline in new properties coming onto the market
  • Online agents market share remaining stable at the 7% mark
  • UK homemovers are 4.2 times more likely to change their energy provider than the average UK household. With more suppliers than ever before competing for business in the energy sector, together with the onset of autumn and the latest tariff cap enforced by Ofgem, competition will only be fuelled further. Energy Providers should be acting now to best harness inevitable “switch shopping”.