Property & Homemover report

The most comprehensive property insights and industry specific intelligence on homemovers and the UK housing marketplace.

TwentyCi Property & Homemover Report – Q4 2018

Published quarterly, TwentyCi’s Property & Homemover Report is a comprehensive review of the UK property market, created from the most robust property change sources available. It provides a real time review of the UK market, covering 96.6% of all property moves (both sales and rentals).

This ‘state of the nation’ report provides unique insight into the people behind the numbers, creating a picture of the demographic, regional and socio-economic factors impacting the housing market including:

  • Factual data (not modelled or sentiment-based)
  • Full market coverage
  • Demographic overlay
  • Property sales data
  • Property rental data

Topline Report Highlights

  • Subdued property market. The market has remained lacklustre in 2018 and looks to stay subdued into 2019.
  • Online estate agents. The market share of online agents at the end of 2018 stabilised at 7.2% of all exchanges. However, additional analysis shows that online agents are struggling to penetrate south of the Watford Gap.
  • Fallen-throughs. With one in five house sales falling through in England and Wales, the need for a seismic change in the buying and selling process is essential.
  • Affordability – crisis in the capital. With consumer confidence low and the Brexit process casting an economic shadow, the performance of the London property market continues to decline.