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Customer Insights From a Leading Data Agency

TwentyCi helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their clients through data driven customer insights. As a leading UK data agency, we combine our considerable expertise with market research and unique data assets to understand, segment and target the right consumers at the right time.

We specialise in providing data on one of the most valuable customer audiences: homemovers. By using our data and customer insights on the homemover audience, we can help companies learn about the motivations and intentions behind purchases, and how to use this to create well-timed, targeted and effective marketing programmes.

Homemover Data & Buyhavioural Marketing

We are proud to have the largest homemover data audience in the UK. We have input from over 4,500 data sources to deliver over 29 billion data points per annum, all of which is factual and not modelled or sentiment based. By analysing this unrivalled data, we can understand the motivations and intentions that impact buying behaviour to improve customer targeting. We call this ‘buyhavioural’ marketing.

Buyhavioural marketing allows us to successfully reach customers at the time they are most likely to purchase. With a deeper understanding of your audience and their customer journey, we can help you greatly improve your targeting strategy and create data driven marketing programmes that deliver better results, value and ROI.

Specialising in acquisition marketing, we can create bespoke multi channel marketing campaigns, including traditional and digital marketing methods, to support your business. We’ve worked with many businesses – including household names – to provide homemover and property data, customer insights and targeted marketing campaigns. From the retail industry to finance, utilities and automotive, we have the insight and experience to help.

If you are interested in consumer insights and effective, targeted marketing programmes, get in touch with our experts today. We’re happy to discuss your needs and offer professional advice.

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Factual data points

not modelled or sentiment based

Real-time UK property data

covering both sales & rentals

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Boosting bed sales

Boosting bed sales

Contextually targeted acquisition for the electrical retail sector

Contextually targeted acquisition for the electrical retail sector

Marketing acquisition for the home furnishings sector

Marketing acquisition for the home furnishings sector


Will Santa be bringing you a new house for Christmas? Unless you were under offer in August, it's unlikely!

As we enter the last quarter of 2021, a year some would sooner forget, many thoughts turn to Christmas and what that might hold for us all this time around. We've also already seen the first stories of “when do you need to get your house on the market by to find a new home for Christmas?”.

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The party appears to be coming to an end

We’ve already seen homemovers peak in June with 213,000 property transactions – nearly 100% higher than historic norms. With this came free-flowing footfall into stores, especially after non-essential retail fully re-opened on 12th April, meaning that marketers didn’t need to invest in marketing as they had more incoming prospects than they could effectively deal with. This is all about to change as we enter the last quarter of the year, and it will become important again to target customers who are more likely to convert (and spend more) so that the best returns are achieved from your marketing spend.

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Help avoid your stores from becoming the next statistic

This week the BBC reported that in the first half of 2021, some 8,700 chain stores closed in the UK – this is nearly 50 per day, an astounding number! Now, more than ever before, the cost base for a retailer is being scrutinised by the finance teams, and the need for marketing budgets to be spent in the areas that are going to give them the best return is paramount.

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