Boosting bed sales

Research shows that people moving home are three times more likely to buy a new bed, while they also spend up to 50% more on homeware. So when one of the UK’s leading bed retailers challenged us to create a campaign targeting this group, we got to work.

Creating the campaign

Using our unique Trigger Wave Methodology, we identified consumers in the home mover life stage most likely to be in the market for a new bed, using a test and learn programme to confirm the correlation.

From first-time buyers to downsizing retirees, we recognised that the term homemover can be defined in many different ways, with all audiences having different motivations and behaviour influences. We therefore initially created 12 separate customer segments to help establish appropriate life stage triggers that determine the home move.

Timing was everything too, so we explored the optimum time to get in touch.

  • Too early and furniture would be the furthest thing from their minds
  • Too late and they might already have gone elsewhere.

Finally, working alongside our creative, technology and strategic partners, we produced every element of the multi channel marketing campaign from design and build to analysis and reporting.

Over the course of 16 weeks, both email and DM campaigns were carefully tracked and weekly reports allowed for ongoing optimisation.

Outstanding results

The trial was a phenomenal success, delivering an ROI of £16:£1 on sales revenue attributed on an 8-week period.

62 customer segments were identified, and the client now uses DM, email and SMS to send highly engaging, hugely successful marketing campaigns.

As well as automatic optimisation, we review the programme every month to spot new opportunities, while ongoing testing covers everything from new data sets to creative updates.

If you would like to find out how we can help your business achieve results like this, get in touch below.

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