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Home movers are up to 30 x more likely to by retail goods in the time surrounding their move


Home movers spend £12 billion on purchases in the 12 months before and after a move


Targeting the right consumers at the right time is much more effective, with our ROIs typically exceeding £20:1

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Retail Data Analytics

TwentyCi provides retail data analytics services to help retailers establish the right time to target the right consumers. Broad, ‘above the line’ marketing has its place, but by utilising our powerful data assets and retail analytics expertise, you can create well-targeted, efficient campaigns which hone in on high value customers precisely when they’re ready to buy.

Our data assets focus on one of the most high value customers: home movers. During the buying, selling or renting process, home movers are the most valuable consumers, spending over £12 billion per annum across multiple sectors and categories. Moving home acts as a trigger for buying behaviour on retail products and services from beds, sofas and kitchens to electricals, DIY and garden goods. Using our insights, we know exactly when consumers are looking for different retail goods and, therefore, when’s best to target them. With TwentyCi’s property and home mover data universe tracking 99% of all residential property moves, we give brands complete access to this important audience.

Retail Marketing Agency

TwentyCi helps businesses in the retail industry harness home mover data for marketing programmes. By combining our retail data analytics with multi-channel marketing, retailers can rely on campaigns to increase brand awareness and sales, as well as offer strong ROI. By engaging with a home mover at the precise time they are in market for your key products and services, the likelihood of a sale or conversion is significantly greater than targeting a cold prospect, with ROIs in excess of £20:1 typically achieved.

We are an experienced retail marketing agency, offering multi-channel campaigns to connect with consumers in ways that suit your business and your target audience. Our home mover data can be used across all marketing channels, including digital, mobile, direct mail, email & television, available as part of a fully managed service or on a data only provision. Contact our experts to find out how we can help your business.

Case Studies

Boosting bed sales

Research shows that people moving home are three times more likely to buy a new bed, while they also spend up to 50% more on homeware. So when one of the UK’s leading b...


Contextually targeted acquisition for the electrical retail sector

Recently, we were commissioned to work with the UK’s largest electrical retailer to boost their existing marketing activity with an acquisition programme targeted exclu...


Marketing acquisition for the home furnishings sector

Working with our client, a nationwide retailer specialising in beds, mattresses, home and bedroom furniture, we developed and implemented a direct marketing acquisition p...


Our Products & Services:

  • Buying behaviour insights & analytics – get retail insights from our consumer buying behaviour expertise and home mover data analytics
  • Multi-channel marketing – we create tailored multi-channel marketing campaigns for retailers, using retail insights to help target high value customers at the right time
  • DOMUS – our property attributes database holds vast amounts of data on over 31 million residential UK properties; use this data to inform new store locations or to ensure a store’s products are suited to the local area

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