Putting new tyres on ATS Euromaster email marketing

We have created a “Personalisation Email Engine” – a fully automated email solution for ATS Euromaster to improve their customer experience and retention.

Based on the unique data profiles of each ATS customer, our email engine creates dynamic emails tailored to their needs. Utilising information such as location, purchase history, and vehicle/component status, the Personalisation Engine ensures that each email resonates with the recipients personally.

The engine flags when a client may need new tyres or brakes from the data captured at the vehicle health check. We collect approximately 170 data points when customers visit a center, via third-party sources and directly from them. For future points post-visit, a coefficient determines the wear rate based on the mileage of components, such as brakes and tyres. These are all used in the automation process which decides what types of creative and call-to-action are displayed within the email.


From a subscriber base of 30,000, the programme has in the first 11 months generated a purchase rate of 4.3% (16.29% higher than the control group.)

This has resulted in revenue which is 311% higher than the control group, with a return on investment of £36:1

If you would like to find out how we can help your business achieve results like this, get in touch below.

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