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Homemover Data & Buyhaviour

Understand homemovers & influence consumer buying behaviour using our data & insights

Buyhaviour Influences

We help you understand factors which influence buyhaviour so you can target customers better

Homemover Buyhaviour

Gain insight into this incredibly valuable audience & when they are most likely to buy

Sector Specific Insight

Gain insight into buyhaviour for specific categories, sectors & industries

Buyhaviour: Consumer Buying Behaviour Insights

We help you understand the factors which influence consumer buying behaviour – or ‘buyhaviour’. It’s important to have insight into your customers’ buying behaviour in order to reach them at the time they’re most likely to purchase. Being able to identify when and why changes in buyhaviour occur enables brands to be better equipped to deliver relevant, tailored messaging to their target audiences. Our data and buying behaviour insights allow you to focus your efforts on the right consumers at the right time, greatly improving marketing efficiency and your ROI.

Homemover Data & Buyhaviour

Homemovers are one of the most valuable target audiences for businesses in many sectors, including retail, utilities, insurance and more. The data we specialise in is homemover data – whether for buying, selling or renting – due to the scale and value of this audience.

During a home move, consumers significantly change their buyhaviour, dramatically increasing their spend on home-related goods and services. In fact, in the year before and after a move, our retail data shows UK homemovers spend an incredible £12 billion, excluding the property purchase and transaction costs.

Our homemover data is completely factual – we don’t use modelled or sentiment based data – and is acquired from fully GDPR compliant sources. Ranging from valuations and surveys to property portals, we have input from over 4,500 data providers to deliver over 29 billion data points per annum. Our scale and scope is unmatched in the UK, and by analysing all this data, we can provide valuable intelligence and insight to help truly understand and influence buying behaviour.

Impact of Homemover Data

Our buying behaviour and home mover insights can be applied to a wide range of sectors and categories. Moving house acts as a trigger for all sorts of buying decisions, not just ones directly related to the home move itself. In fact, we offer sector specific data solutions covering retail, financial services, utilities, automotive, property and more.

If you want to better understand consumer buying behaviour and improve consumer targeting using factual homemover data, get in touch with our experts today.

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