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A free homemover revenue gap analysis


Is your marketing reaching the right customers at the right time?


Is your company missing out on a significant revenue opportunity?


Are you underperforming versus your category’s average homemover revenue?

The Value of Homemovers for Retailers: An Exceptional Year

Homemovers are one of the most valuable audiences to retailers. Every year, new homebuyers and renters spend several billion pounds on categories ranging through beds, sofas, kitchens, bathrooms, cars and soft furnishings.

Since May 2020, there have been over 1.2 million house moves in the UK. This is an incredible 50% uplift on the average of the last 5 years. With demand in the property market looking set to continue, this is a large and lucrative audience for your business to target.

But how many of these homemovers have chosen your brand for their key purchases? Do you know if you have maximised the opportunity this increase in property sales has provided? Let our Mind The Gap Analysis help you answer these questions.

Is Your Brand Missing Out?

Find Out for Free With Our Gap Analysis

TwentyCi are providing free analysis and insight to identify whether your marketing is maximising the potential that the massive uplift in homemovers is delivering. We are market leaders when it comes to homemovers and property insights, and our homemover revenue gap analysis draws on our expertise. By combining our expansive homemover data with transactional data, we can offer valuable insight into your current performance and shortfalls when it comes to homemovers.

We’ll work with you to understand three key elements:

  1. Your homemover engagement – how many homemovers buy your products
  2. Your homemover timing – when do homemovers buy your products
  3. Your homemover potential – are you missing out on key revenue

For a limited time, we are also offering a free trial of homemover data. Until the end of January 2022, we’re offering access to data on 30,000 homemovers for a direct mail or email marketing campaign. See for yourself how the homemover audience can boost your business! (Offer excludes fulfilment of campaigns; data must be used by the end of January 2022; terms & conditions of use apply – available on request.)

If you are interested in a free homemover revenue gap analysis in a few easy steps, please fill in your details in the form below. Our analytics team will get in touch and answer any questions you may have.


How Our Analysis Has Helped Retailers

Former Marketing Director, National Furniture Retailer

“During my time as Marketing Director, we worked very closely with TwentyCi to identify the importance of homemovers to the business. We found that they represented almost 25% of customers and 35% of revenue, as they tend to spend more per transaction. With direct targeting, we were able to talk to the whole audience whereas our ATL campaigns could not.”

About TwentyCi

The Leading Authority on Homemover Insight & Data

TwentyCi is a leading UK data insight and analytics agency specialising in homemovers. We help businesses better understand their customers by utilising data driven insights. With our considerable expertise and unique data assets, we can help you target the right customers at the right time, as well as learn about the motivations and intentions behind purchases. We help you use this valuable information to create timely, targeted and effective marketing programmes.

The TwentyCi homemover and property universe covers 29 billion data points per annum from over 4,500 data sources. The impressive scope of our data and insight has led to it being featured extensively in the last 18 months in major publications such as The Times, The Financial Times, The Telegraph and Bloomberg.

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